Five Floral #hashtags you should be following on Insta (TBR Suggestions)

‘Tis true, we’ve all become Insta-junkies over the last couple of years. Whether on a train to work or in bed after waking up, there’s always time to swipe up and down this visually engaging world.

We get it. It’s fun.

And why wouldn’t it be? Instagram is definitely one of the best mediums for an artist (of any kind) to showcase their work. It’s less dramatic and more stress-free than any other social network you might be using; we all know a Jennifer who posts about each meal she’s had, or a Susan whose relationship is complicated. (AGAIN!) Thanks, but we’d rather spend time feasting our eyes upon someone’s creativity.  

Instagram is our form of digital escapism and for the many people who follow us and continue to like our work, we thank you. Over the last few months, I’ve been getting many questions from people who follow us on Instagram, regarding what’s coming up on their feed. For potential new clients, Instagram is one of the first places one goes to gather ideas; brides tend to bring a few saved up images of what they have in mind for the day. By all means, do so. If a design you see around on Instagram is what you’re after, then bring it along your first meeting – we’ll take it into consideration before turning it into a unique masterpiece, signed by TBR Floral Design.

Let’s get one thing straight; we never, ever, copy anyone’s designs; TBR has been around for almost two decades, praised by the media, desired by celebs and wanted by the vast list of clients with whom we have connected since we began. All of our videos and our imagery are proof that we take on board your needs and likes in order for us to create that enchanting summer wedding, that warm Christmas atmosphere in December or even that home setting, engulfed in a sea of colours.

“So Toby, what do you suggest are the best hashtags to follow on Instagram if you’re interested in more floral material?”

Oh, glad you asked (wink, wink). Let me make life easier for you.


With almost 1m followers, this channel is a collection of beauty and elegant arrangements. Whatever the theme of your wedding, this hashtag is sure to leave you grinning and feeling inspired.


There’s exceptional talent in London. If you live in London, take a moment to appreciate the architecture around you – because it’s an enviable one and rather mesmerising. Having your special day at a stunning venue in the city can be a memorable experience, and this hashtag will give you a few ideas on how to go about it.


This is one TBR Studio uses a lot. It can be a great source of ideas (and a pretty sight to scroll through) when flowers for every occasion are showcased in one album. Birthdays to weddings, bat-mitzvahs to coronations; this one is worth the ‘follow’.


We introduced this hashtag not long ago and we’re happy to see it ‘blossom’ (pun alert!). This is a great tool for anyone we’ve collaborated with or anyone who’s been following us, to interact with us. We absolutely love to stay engaged with clients and followers and we’re even happier when you show us your TBR-inspired work.


To us, this is a little reminder that our work is appreciated by so many people out there. We’re ecstatic whenever someone tags us with this hashtag, and even more so, when anyone uses #tbrfloraldesign as a way to suggest our work to other people (whether on Insta, Twitter etc).

Melissa and Jason’s Enchanted English Countryside Wedding

There’s a certain type of enchantment that comes with good, old-fashioned English Country weddings. Even more so when we design one indoors, at a palatial Grand Hall in the heart of London.

To achieve this elegant result, we bathed the Grand Hall at One Great George Street in shades of green and embellished the final look with dashes of pink, white and cream.

To bring out the softness of each flower, we handpicked a selection of hydrangeas and roses, combining them with lisianthuses, astilbes and spray roses.

By adding delphiniums and peonies, the look was finalised, leaving minds to wander amidst an airy oasis of naturally soft ambience.



Daisy & Brian’s spellbinding wedding

If Hogwarts isn’t for hire then there’s always a chance to turn the Natural History Museum into a magical venue for a wedding.

And this couple’s love for Harry Potter, as well as their passion for mesmerising finds birthed the inspiration to hold their wedding at one of London’s most striking locations.

Nearly Headless Nick may not have been floating amongst the guests but they revelled in the chance to get together and celebrate Daisy and Brian’s themed wedding on December 30th in magical elegance.

With the Harry Potter theme in mind, we used yellow, green and splashes of white and blue to create an atmospheric environment that resembled a scene straight out of Hogwarts. Collaborating with the wonderful Golborne Events and with 90 minutes to set up, we installed our handmade, bespoke trees as high displays, with hanging glass globes.

For our low displays we adorned birdcages with candles and self-contained flowers alongside candelabras, willow arches, tremendous plinth displays, lanterns and abundant candle light on the tables.

In addition, we used numerous bark vases and troughs for the top table.

It was an honour working with Golborne Events on this occasion. For a chance to have your dream wedding planned perfectly for you, why not give Golborne Event Planners a go?


3 Christmas decorative plants for this season.


Plants have always helped celebrate a natural phenomenon; you’ll see this even today in Africa, South America or New Zealand, where locals use plants to welcome winter, longer days or rain. In tradition. plants help decorate towns, “glorify” Gods and even ward off evil spirits.

Holly, ivy and mistletoe, have been associated with Christmas decoration for more than two millennia and today, their main use is for completing the overall Christmas setting.

These plants (besides the aforementioned ones), can be used to mix & match and create your own touch this festive season. Along with decorative support such as tinsel, baubles, ostrich feathers and unusual (unique) ornaments – you may be just a step away from creating a memorable experience for your guests.


This plant can last throughout the Christmas season and can be replanted for next year. When choosing your poinsettia make sure you pick the one with the darkest green foliage.

Place them somewhere where it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. The ideal temperature should be 12-15 degrees celcius, because it is a tropical flower.

If you want to reflower this, just cut the flower in March and keep the stems up to 6 inches. Repot and keep outside.

Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)

This is a very easy plant to care for. It’s called Christmas cactus because it thrives from November to January. They die in direct sunlight but they prefer a slightly colder atmosphere. If cared properly, this plant can become a part of your family, for it can live up to 20 or 30 years!

Just like you, it needs its beauty sleep, but slightly longer (14 hours a day).


Cranberry doesn’t look great as a part of the Christmas installation/setting only, but it also can add more flavour to your Christmas dinner.

You can grow cranberries and enjoy their antioxidant abilities but also create a beautiful atmosphere. In a jar, glue on the bottom some rosemary leaves and spray them on top with glitter (very gently). Let it dry, then fill the jar with water, before you add cranberries and a floating white candle. Place a few of these jars on your fireplace or Christmas table to make a good impression.

Have an amazing Christmas setting? Send us your arrangements at for a chance to see your creations featured on our blog and social media.

Close up of red poinsettia flowers

Close up of red poinsettia flowers




One Great George Street Showcase Event (Tuesday, Sep 27th)

We said we’d be there and we kept our promise; The One Great George Street Wedding showcase event was a success.


At one of London’s most prestigious locations, we brought together class, elegance and style with a variety of floral combinations or you.

The idea was simple; we wanted to give you a taste of having a grandiose wedding in this Westminster building. The venue looked spectacular, bathed in a an abundance of (primarily) white floral selections, candles and exquisite table settings. The goal was to make this showcase as realistic as possible as if a wedding were actually taking place that day.


The Great Hall – where your wedding dinner takes place – was an awe-inspiring opportunity to appreciate the grandeur one experiences as you step inside for the first time.

TBR creations were also visible in the lobby as well as staircase; elegant, pure with the occasional dramatic twist.

p1000240 p1000248 p1000249 p1000254 p1000253

Along with the rest of the staff, we were there to guide you and answer any questions you might had.

If you would like more information about One Great George Street, click on their website and follow their twitter network.

We were delighted to see so many of you there.

Until next year.

How does it feel to have your wedding reception at One Great George Street?

Something borrowed, something blue… and something you simply cannot miss!12102-OGGS-Wedding-Showcase-Homepage-image-750x416-v2

It is undoubtedly one of London’s most desirable locations for corporate events and of course weddings. With plenty of event rooms to choose from, consisting of high ceilings and various layouts to match your desires, One Great George Street promises to make your wedding reception the most memorable experience.

The Great Hall at One
Great George Street is the epitome of elegance and grandeur, where on the 27th of September you will have the opportunity to experience the opulence of the space and get a taste of what it feels like to have your wedding reception at this prestigious location.


The venue will be dressed as if a wedding were taking place. You will enjoy drinks and canapés with a live band in the background and stunning designs, as well as a display of flowers by TBR Floral Design. The Great Hall will be the perfect place for you to see what it’s like to have your wedding dinner in a room with pleasing table settings and striking floral arrangements. Our own designs will be displayed at the lobby, staircase and Great Hall.

 3 (3)


 One Great George Street is not just about the space. The always friendly and professional staff will be there to assist you and show you around the rooms.

TBR Floral Design Studio is happy to have collaborated with One Great George over the years and our team will be there on the 27th of September to chat with you, help guide you through our process and answer any questions you might have.

All you have to do is simply register here for an invite.

To get an idea of what is expected, take a look at these jaw-dropping displays form last year’s showcase event.