Simple (Floral) Feng Shui tips for your home.

When it comes to decorating your house with plants, all you need to do is figure out what you like the most and would like to see them around your house?


Decorating your house with plants is not only a way to bring your house to life, but also a way to connect with your personal space. Plants can create a beautiful and peaceful energy for your home and bring calmness into your life.


As you walk inside…

The front door is the perfect place for you to create an amazing first impression. In addition, it can make you feel relaxed as soon as you get out of the car and make your way inside after a day at work. We suggest that you put symmetrical plants on either side of your front door.


The Living Room…


We’ve mentioned once before about the most important places in a room, where if done properly, it creates a wonderful atmosphere for you and your family/friends. In a living room, nothing is more important than a well-presented fireplace. Depending on its colour, it’s always best to add contrasting plants to make it more ‘homey’. A fireplace should be kept simple and not ‘overcrowded’ with stuff. We suggest short bonsai trees or plants inside (dark) glass vases of different shapes.



The Kitchen…

My favourite place in a house is the kitchen. As houses these days tend to have an open plan kitchen and living room, it is more common to spend time with your guests in the kitchen, where wine and snacks are more accessible and it even feels like an extension of your living room. However, a kitchen – regardless if open plan or not – should still have some features that distinguish it from the rest of the living room. If you’re lucky enough to have big windows by your kitchen sink, then don’t think twice and immediately place plants on the windowsill. There’s not right or wrong when it comes to choosing plants for your kitchen, as long as you match the interior colours with your plants.windowsill-decoration-flower-candles-1 Hydrangeas in small cube glass vases are one of our favourite choices. These can go anywhere from your breakfast/dinner table to your shelves and windowsills. Even if you have dark colour tiles in your kitchen, a white or a combination of white and pink flowers can create a masculine or feminine atmosphere respectively.

The bedroom…

This is the perfect place to put healing flowers. Our plant of choice for bedrooms are lavenders mainly for its incredible healing powers and for making your sleep even better. For more information on Lavender, read back on one of our previous posts. ideas-home-decoration-lavender-flowerpot-bedroom-bottle

Walls, walls, walls…

When a piece of art doesn’t really feel right on a specific wall, then you’d be surprised how a hanging plant can compliment your interior without much effort. All you need to do is find the perfect hanging pot (the smaller the better), and create a visually engaging sequence. Tip: try hanging that artwork again and see how much better it looks with plants around it. il_fullxfull-270652794

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One Great George Street Showcase Event (Tuesday, Sep 27th)

We said we’d be there and we kept our promise; The One Great George Street Wedding showcase event was a success.


At one of London’s most prestigious locations, we brought together class, elegance and style with a variety of floral combinations or you.

The idea was simple; we wanted to give you a taste of having a grandiose wedding in this Westminster building. The venue looked spectacular, bathed in a an abundance of (primarily) white floral selections, candles and exquisite table settings. The goal was to make this showcase as realistic as possible as if a wedding were actually taking place that day.


The Great Hall – where your wedding dinner takes place – was an awe-inspiring opportunity to appreciate the grandeur one experiences as you step inside for the first time.

TBR creations were also visible in the lobby as well as staircase; elegant, pure with the occasional dramatic twist.

p1000240 p1000248 p1000249 p1000254 p1000253

Along with the rest of the staff, we were there to guide you and answer any questions you might had.

If you would like more information about One Great George Street, click on their website and follow their twitter network.

We were delighted to see so many of you there.

Until next year.

Two fragrant flowers for your home (and how to use them for aromatherapy)

Flowers are not just about beauty. Sure we want our indoor and outdoors to look great in any season, but are you making the most out of them?

The following suggestions exude a hypnotic fragrance and can turn your stressful day into bliss. To make use of their healing properties, how about a little home grown aromatherapy?

hyacinth (2)Gardenias and Jasmines.
Their fragrance is unlike any other. It’s soft, unisex and reminds you of a sunny day. It’s the most amazing addition to a garden or your meditation room. Grow them in an acidic and moist soil where bright light can make them strong. Placing them amongst other bushes or plants will increase humidity. Specifically the “Arabian Jasmine” can flower indoor for most of the year if it receives the right amount of sunlight and caring.

Hyacinths & Freesias

Whether it’s the beginning of spring or in the midst of winter, hyacinths are essential flowers to have in your home for fragrance. They smell the best in warm temperatures and they are available in pink, white and blue predominantly. THINKING AHEAD? If you want their fragrance to complement your Christmas dinner, purchase treated bulbs and plant them at the end of the Summer. Keep them in a dark place and each month move them to a warmer place in your house.




The process of preparing petals for aromatherapy, should be a relaxing experience itself.



Once your flowers begin to whither (but not before they complete die) pick the petals and place them in piles outside in the sun. You do this by placing them on a tray and then cover them with a net (so that bugs cannot get to them). Let them dry in the sun and then put them in your bathtub. Enjoy a candle-lit relaxing evening in a bathtub enriched with fragrance (a glass of champagne, never hurt anyone).