One Great George Street Showcase Event (Tuesday, Sep 27th)

We said we’d be there and we kept our promise; The One Great George Street Wedding showcase event was a success.


At one of London’s most prestigious locations, we brought together class, elegance and style with a variety of floral combinations or you.

The idea was simple; we wanted to give you a taste of having a grandiose wedding in this Westminster building. The venue looked spectacular, bathed in a an abundance of (primarily) white floral selections, candles and exquisite table settings. The goal was to make this showcase as realistic as possible as if a wedding were actually taking place that day.


The Great Hall – where your wedding dinner takes place – was an awe-inspiring opportunity to appreciate the grandeur one experiences as you step inside for the first time.

TBR creations were also visible in the lobby as well as staircase; elegant, pure with the occasional dramatic twist.

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Along with the rest of the staff, we were there to guide you and answer any questions you might had.

If you would like more information about One Great George Street, click on their website and follow their twitter network.

We were delighted to see so many of you there.

Until next year.

How to make your flowers last longer?


Flowers are nature’s children who need to be understood and loved.

white amar



The truth is, we often buy flowers and plants for decorative reasons, but  taking good care of your flowers (like you take care of your children), is not only nurturing and healing, but it can also be a great way to bring good energy and atmosphere into your home.


To love your flowers means not to forget about their watering and to make them last as long as they can. TBR has put together a few simple guidelines for you to use, in order to make the best out of their beauty and aroma.

♣ Flowers can wither early because they are cut. To make them look fresh, a good vase is essential. Vases need to be washed thoroughly – especially if you have used them before for other flowers – because a good wash will take out any left bacteria from previous installments.


♣ Use organic soap when washing your flowers and avoid any chemicals that might blend in with new water later.

♣ When you’re washing your vases, use warm water as bacteria die in high temperatures. Make sure your vases are not wet when you’re putting new water. The water should be around 43.5 degrees Celsius and always leave to sit in a cool place for two hours first.

♣ When you buy flowers, they tend to come with their ‘lunchbox’. These are essential proteins for the flowers to feed from. Don’t throw it away.

♣ Try not to drown your flowers in a lot of water and make sure they’re away from heat. They need sun for photosynthesis, but as long as they are kept cool at the same time.

♣ Change the water every two days to reduce bacteria formation.

♣ Trim flowers at a 45 degree angle.

♣ People can use hairspray to preserve the flowers, but we find this environmentally harmful and disrespectful to the plant. As an alternative, we suggest non-toxic sprays such as the Alba Botanica Hair Spray or the Alterna Caviar.





An essential tip is to avoid placing flowers next to fruit as they will produce ethylene which ruins any plants that are nearby.

Do you know the secrets of Lavender? We wrote about a few…

Lavender is a stunning creation. It is one of the most desired and appreciated plants, used by the Ancient Greeks not only for the wonderful aroma it exudes but also for its antiseptic attributes.

Lavender phlox

Its healing powers can be used to close wounds, or even for face rejuvenation which provides a thorough cleaning inside and out. It can also be consumed as tea to fight any chest infection or relieve anxiety and headaches.


Plant lavender in your garden and enjoy its gifts. It is best planted in the early days of April and May as the (alkaline) soil starts warming up.

Lavenders are drought tolerant therefore they don’t need watering as they enjoy the benefits of photosynthesis. Watering is needed during the winter.

It can grow up to 24 inches tall and doesn’t spread like other herbs do.

Lavender can be a natural relaxant if you put a few drops of lavender oil on your children’s pillow at night – which helps with respiratory problems as well. You can also make your own lavender pillow by using dry lavender leafs.


What’s more? Its powers can restore partial hair loss as well as relief itchiness.