Daisy & Brian’s spellbinding wedding

If Hogwarts isn’t for hire then there’s always a chance to turn the Natural History Museum into a magical venue for a wedding.

And this couple’s love for Harry Potter, as well as their passion for mesmerising finds birthed the inspiration to hold their wedding at one of London’s most striking locations.

Nearly Headless Nick may not have been floating amongst the guests but they revelled in the chance to get together and celebrate Daisy and Brian’s themed wedding on December 30th in magical elegance.

With the Harry Potter theme in mind, we used yellow, green and splashes of white and blue to create an atmospheric environment that resembled a scene straight out of Hogwarts. Collaborating with the wonderful Golborne Events and with 90 minutes to set up, we installed our handmade, bespoke trees as high displays, with hanging glass globes.

For our low displays we adorned birdcages with candles and self-contained flowers alongside candelabras, willow arches, tremendous plinth displays, lanterns and abundant candle light on the tables.

In addition, we used numerous bark vases and troughs for the top table.

It was an honour working with Golborne Events on this occasion. For a chance to have your dream wedding planned perfectly for you, why not give Golborne Event Planners a go?


When our creativity ‘floats’…

shot-2_182The Woods Silver Fleet boats are the jewels of the Thames. Three contemporary designed yachts and boats that can accommodate up to 500 people and can be the perfect spaces for corporate or wedding events.

By choosing one of the boats for your event, you are guaranteed a warm and elegant atmosphere, always with TBR Studio’s signature. Over the last 13 years we have been collaborating with Woods Silver Fleet, so that our creative designs meet the unique style of each boat. The results are mesmerizing.


© http://silverfleet.scratchpadstudios.com/

© http://silverfleet.scratchpadstudios.com/



The Silver Sturgeon can provide a selection of indoor and outdoor spaces.



In addition, the Silver Barracuda’s vintage decor along with the luminous indoor space can be the perfect place for a romantic dinner and sail along the Thames.

The views are immaculate; from London Bridge to Chelsea and beyond, you have the opportunity to enjoy your day or night surrounded by London’s greatest landmarks.


Why not create your own event at one of London’s most alternative locations? Whether corporate meetings or a wedding reception for the selected few, TBR Studio will dress the venue accordingly and create the perfect background for you and your guests.

Keep updated with WSF’s amazing events by following their Facebook page and check the website for more information and contact numbers..


Summer Wedding Flowers

Now that summer is finally here, wedding season is well and truly underway! Obviously one of the main reasons people have weddings at this time of year is because of the improved weather (if we are lucky in the UK), and with that nice weather, comes the summer flowers. Below I have created a list of flowers that are great for summer weddings, and if you are having a summer wedding you should definitely consider implementing some of these in to your day for that extra burst of summer colour!







Sweet Peas







These are just some of my favourites, there may be some in the list that you may have thought of before, and some that you may never have thought of using as part of your wedding, but the good thing with flowers is there are no right or wrong choices, they all look beautiful, and you can be as adventurous as you like!

Have you decided on your summer wedding flowers? Are there any on this list that you hadn’t thought of but are now considering? Let us know below.

The TBR Floral design team.

Wedding Planner Blues

Are you a wedding planner feeling let down by your floral company?

Wedding planning is stressful; you have a huge weight on your shoulders to make the day go as smoothly as possible for the happy couple.

So the last thing you need is for the floral company you’re using to let you down by them being unorganised and unprofessional.

We can help.

The importance of Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the most important features of a wedding. They liven up the ceremony and the reception as well as making the bride and her bridesmaids look even more beautiful. So making sure that the floral company delivers to everyone’s expectations is important. What you don’t want is for the company to not respond to your calls or emails, or even worse not follow the brief you have given them, meaning mistakes get made.

Choose TBR Floral Design

At TBR Floral Design we always keep a good, regular and clear line of communication with the wedding planners we are working with as well as with the venue itself.

Working closely with both means that we can always stay up-to-date with the inevitable last minute changes or problems that may arise. We also understand how important it is to stick to the brief, so the customer is happy on their big day, relieving some pressure from the wedding planner.

We have worked on a huge number of weddings, including celebrity weddings. This has given us a wealth of experience and a great reputation. This reputation brings peace of mind to the wedding planner we work with.

Floral worries can be a thing of the past when you work with TBR Floral Design.

To see examples of our work, discover how we can help you make your wedding planning easier and get a free quote, visit our website gallery.

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Are you a wedding planner that feels let down by floral companies, what did you do to resolve the issue? Comment below and let us know.

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