TBR FLORAL MASTERCLASS with Afternoon Tea and G&T £95pp

Ran out of ideas for the Summer? Why don’t you join Toby B Roberts for a unique floral masterclass at St. Ermin’s Hotel London?To start your inspirational floristry workshop, you will enjoy a handcrafted gin & tonic or vodka & tonic, made with London Essence’s refreshing botanical based tonics.

After watching the professional demonstration, it’s your turn to create your own floral masterpiece.

The day ends on a high note with a horticultural-themed afternoon tea also
served on our alfresco terrace, giving you the chance to admire your floral creation, which is yours to take home.


  • 4th July – Independence Day
  • 15th August – Summer on the Terrace
  • 21st September – Bee keeping bunchFULL DETAILS AND BOOKING


St. Ermin’s Hotel, Caxton Street, London SW1H 0QW


One Great George Street Showcase Event (Tuesday, Sep 27th)

We said we’d be there and we kept our promise; The One Great George Street Wedding showcase event was a success.


At one of London’s most prestigious locations, we brought together class, elegance and style with a variety of floral combinations or you.

The idea was simple; we wanted to give you a taste of having a grandiose wedding in this Westminster building. The venue looked spectacular, bathed in a an abundance of (primarily) white floral selections, candles and exquisite table settings. The goal was to make this showcase as realistic as possible as if a wedding were actually taking place that day.


The Great Hall – where your wedding dinner takes place – was an awe-inspiring opportunity to appreciate the grandeur one experiences as you step inside for the first time.

TBR creations were also visible in the lobby as well as staircase; elegant, pure with the occasional dramatic twist.

p1000240 p1000248 p1000249 p1000254 p1000253

Along with the rest of the staff, we were there to guide you and answer any questions you might had.

If you would like more information about One Great George Street, click on their website and follow their twitter network.

We were delighted to see so many of you there.

Until next year.

Flowers for him (3 simple tips)

Flowers are for everyone. Last week, we’ve shared tips on how to pick the perfect flower arrangement for your favourite girls. Today, it’s all about men.

Whether you’re wishing your father happy birthday, attending your son’s graduation or enjoying your anniversary with your other half, TBR has put together a few tips for creating a subtle-coloured bouquet for him.

For Birthday Occasions:

Any fresh plant can be a great way to wish a man happy birthday. Plants can be added in their personal spaces; be it, office, living room, bedroom. Peace lilies are a great gift as they require little observation (especially if the celebrant has a busy lifestyle). For younger people, strong colours are essential. Masculine flowers such as orchids can bring joy on someone’s special day. Extra Tip: Men have been secretly obsessed with Bonsai Trees ever since they saw Mr. Miyagi cultivating one in Karate Kid. Just saying..

Congratulatory Flowers

Apart from the typical wine basket that comes in almost every congratulatory occasion, why not add a selection of vibrant coloured flowers? Exotic flowers bouquets are great gifts for men. Refrain from choosing pastel-coloured flowers as they tend to be considered more feminine.

pink-chrysanthemumWomen are usually the only receivers of anniversary flowers but men will also appreciate a floral gift. Long-term affection can be represented in a wonderful arrangement of white and blue orchids, as well as a set of white roses, germinis and chrysanthemums. To make the set more youthful, add purple freesia and statices, combined with salal and pittosporums.

Tweet us a picture of your arrangement and tell us all about your special day! @TBRfloraldesign


Flowers for her


Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but nothing shows more affection than a carefully selected flower arrangement for her. Here at TBR Studio, we care for each and every individual and we suggest the best ideas to tailor your needs. Take our advice on these simple romantic suggestions to put a smile on your favourite girls’ faces.


Irises are simply stunning. Either combined with other (ethereal) coloured flowers or as single gifts, they will definitely make a girl’s day. Iris is a representation of wisdom, courage and admiration.





Sunflowers are a great way to show affection to a more mature woman. Whether that is your spouse or your mother, it can brighten up her personal space, as well as her heart. This flower is used to show adoration and loyalty.




Lilacs are a great gift for younger women, as they tend to represent youthfulness and innocence. They are great as congratulatory gifts and they add elegance in your home house.
Carnations are great gifts and they are easy to grow. Our suggestion is to secretly plant them outside the entrance door and wait for them to bloom in order for your other half to be surprised and feel touched. Carnations are a representation of love and fascination.

white-tulipsTulips are the perfect anniversary gift. In a bouquet, add different colour tulips and tie them in a big pink ribbon. It is a great gift for women of any age and is a representation of long-lasting affection.


How does it feel to have your wedding reception at One Great George Street?

Something borrowed, something blue… and something you simply cannot miss!12102-OGGS-Wedding-Showcase-Homepage-image-750x416-v2

It is undoubtedly one of London’s most desirable locations for corporate events and of course weddings. With plenty of event rooms to choose from, consisting of high ceilings and various layouts to match your desires, One Great George Street promises to make your wedding reception the most memorable experience.

The Great Hall at One
Great George Street is the epitome of elegance and grandeur, where on the 27th of September you will have the opportunity to experience the opulence of the space and get a taste of what it feels like to have your wedding reception at this prestigious location.


The venue will be dressed as if a wedding were taking place. You will enjoy drinks and canapés with a live band in the background and stunning designs, as well as a display of flowers by TBR Floral Design. The Great Hall will be the perfect place for you to see what it’s like to have your wedding dinner in a room with pleasing table settings and striking floral arrangements. Our own designs will be displayed at the lobby, staircase and Great Hall.

 3 (3)


 One Great George Street is not just about the space. The always friendly and professional staff will be there to assist you and show you around the rooms.

TBR Floral Design Studio is happy to have collaborated with One Great George over the years and our team will be there on the 27th of September to chat with you, help guide you through our process and answer any questions you might have.

All you have to do is simply register here for an invite.

To get an idea of what is expected, take a look at these jaw-dropping displays form last year’s showcase event.

Flashback to one of our most memorable events

We absolutely LOVE the following display!

Louise 2

There’s nothing more rewarding than keeping our clients happy, and we do that by taking into consideration their “wants” and ideas and turning it into reality.


Elegance in Sevenoaks

For this glamorous birthday party, we’ve used a combination of long stem white hydrangeas, roses, orchids and peonies to complement the scenery around the big blossom tree in the centre. Candles placed at different levels had created an ever more elegant atmosphere for the guests.

Louise 1

The best part?

Louise 4


A stylish temporary bar placed in a different marquee, with red gingers and green hydrangeas, for guests to enjoy a nice glass of champagne surrounded by a visually engaging decor.


Like what you see?

If you want a jaw-dropping flower arrangement like this one, don’t hesitate to give us a call   (020 7734 6253)Louise 3


Chelsea Flower Show 2016

It’s that time again, the Chelsea Flower Show is here. The show is running from the 24th to the 28th May. This years highlights include photographic exhibits and a floral arch to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Queen, a theme that a lot of the gardens will represent! As well as an acoustic garden inspired by world-leading percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie that will play musical notes to visitors.

For those of you who have never been to the Chelsea Flower Show, here are some facts about the event to bring you up to speed with what to expect and learn a bit about the history of the show. 

  • The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, or RHS Great Spring Show as it was originally called, has been running since 1862.
  • The show was cancelled during the Second World War, as the land was required by the War Office for an anti-aircraft site.
  • The only year garden gnomes have ever been allowed was in 2013. The RHS claims “gnomes detract from the presentation of the plants or products on display, and from the general appearance of the show”
  • In 2000, Exhibitors were moved inside a giant pavilion. Prior to 2000 they were housed under a marquee, which was honoured in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest tent
  • The Great Pavilion is roughly 11,775 square metres or 2.90 acres, enough room to park 500 London buses.
  • All the show gardens are built from scratch in just 19 days and are dismantled in only five days.
  • One of the most controversial gardens in the show’s history was Paul Cooper’s ‘Cool and Sexy’ garden in 1994, which featured a grille which blew jets of air up the skirts of unsuspecting women.

I will definitely try to head over to the show as I do every year, and I would highly recommend you do too as it really is amazing to see!

Will you be going to the Chelsea Flower show this year? What Gardens are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know.

The TBR Floral Design team

RHS Flower Show Cardiff. Showcasing Spring in Wales!

Over last weekend, The RHS flower show was in full swing in Cardiff. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it to the show, but I have really enjoyed catching up on all the highlights of the spring event. 

The RHS Show Cardiff has been held in the parklands of Cardiff Castle since 2005, and in 2015, attracted record crowds with more than 25,000 visitors from across the UK, with this year set to top that!

One of the big themes this year has been Roald Dahl displays, as this year marks the centenary of one of Cardiff’s most famous citizens, and the designers didn’t hold back with their creativity. One person even weaved a giant BFG out of Willow, while another recreated the garden in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, chocolate river and all! (Although not edible, its actually water filled with clay, not very tasty!)  

One of my favourite gardens from the show was The Alfresco Gallery garden, which ended up taking Gold for the show garden awards. The designer described it as a “place to appreciate the form and structure of plants, from the smallest leaf to the impressive specimen”. It looks like a great place to sit and entertain family and friends.

The RHS Cardiff flower show is the first RHS show of the year, meaning it landmarks the start of Spring, making it one of the most vibrant and colourful of all the events. We definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance to, and we will definitely be looking to go to more RHS events throughout the year, with a large number of them coming up over May, June, July and August.

Christmas Flowers are arriving…..

As the weather begins to change in November to cooler nights and cloudy days, you may think there are going to be fewer flowers to see.

But even in chilly November, there are always flowers to find.

We are loving Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)  which are large, very striking trumpet shaped flowers, often grown indoors from bulbs. Simple, classy and very beautiful and they will be taking pride of place in our upcoming events.

Originally from South and Central America and the Caribbean, Hippeastrum typically bloom in the winter, in contrast to its clone, the South African Amaryllis, which blooms in the summer. Hippeastrum travelled from Chile to Europe in 1840.

With its striking red colour, it is a typical Christmas product but  other colours are in strong demand in the months bracketing Christmas.





Landscape Floral Display… Natures Finest!

TBR Floral Design yesterday created a landscape floral work of art that was organic and unique! The centre piece was displayed in the Regency Room at London’s Connaught Hotel for a special dining event due to the Chelsea Flower Show.

An assortment of al fresco pieces were used to signify some of nature’s finest elements bringing the outdoor environment indoors. The landscape flower display encompassed a tree trunk; with lily of the valley, peony, hydrangea, bonsai trees, rocks, pebbles and moss!