When Floral Design becomes an art installation – Institute of Civil Engineers, October 2018

I can’t remember the last time I felt this much excited about an installation. Especially when the installation entails not only extreme health and safety measures, insurance policies and a lot of ribbons. And I mean …. a lot. About 3 miles of them.

The physical part of it? The entire of TBR Logistics team had to raise the 60kg metal frame – with 200 ribbon wheels hanging off it – 50 feet above the ground, stretching over two floors. This magnificent attempt has not only kept me awake for days, but has given TBR the chance to showcase the extremes that we can go in order to achieve the client’s desired result.

The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), had commissioned TBR Floral Studio to create something spectacular for their Global Warming conference held at One Great George Street.

Our guideline? The company’s logo.


It was fun. It was big. It was TBR. Very much so. 





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