50 and Fabulous – but what does it take to create a night to remember?

You only turn 50 once – and I wanted to make it extra special. You know, the TBR way (#thetbrway)

This job was one of the best ones I’ve ever had to do, because apart from designing the table display, I had the joy of planning the entire party, from lights to silverware, caterers to waiting staff. Evidently, I wanted to capture the client’s personality by carefully selecting the appropriate plants, flowers and ornaments to create a very earthy, crisp and clean look; a subtle, elegant and timeless look.

I designed bespoke moss chargers that acted as bases for the crystal clear plates, in order to create a dinning ‘al-fresco’ experience.

This three-month long preparation was a very enjoyable experience, mainly because I was given free reign to put my vision into perspective.

I used three, high, flute vases with magnolia and white blossom (which was in season at the time), to accentuate the design and give it a fresh, spring look. The rest of the additions included four, stainless steel candelabras to give the illusion of a starry night.

Down the middle, a mixture of white and lilac guelder roses, twisted willow branches on the base of the table, white hydrangeas, lily of the valley and succulents. A plethora of pillar, floating and taper candles as well as tea lights gave the entire display an intimate character and turned the drawing room into an ambient location for such a celebration.

I finished the whole look by adding the fog effect, as though guests were walking amidst enchanting woods. Take a look at the full video below.







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