Colour combinations for a desired “wow” look.

Colour is one of the most powerful elements a flower possesses. Using the appropriate combinations, you can create an attractive effect with flowers and foliage.
Simple tips to remember
Choose purple, blue and red flowers for a colourful composition.
Lilac combined with blue and pink creates a light, gentle composition, while the darker shades of the same colours create an intense effect.
Red and green flowers or pink and green in a bouquet, can create a lively and clear result.
Blue and orange flowers enhance each other when mixed together. Yellow and orange are a good combination, as is purple with red and pink.
White flowers should be used with caution because they can highlight certain colours but also outshine others. Foliage, with different textures and subtle variations of greens, also helps different colours to be combined in a beautiful way.
A single variety of flowers in a single colour can also create an excellent result if they are properly positioned.

Choosing the right flowers for different occasions


Roses are the traditional flowers of love for occasions such as anniversaries, dates, marriage proposals and for Valentine’s Day. Other popular flowers for romantic occasions are lilies, carnations and tulips.

For Mother’s Day celebrations, choose roses and Lily of the Valley. The choice of flowers as a birthday gift can be based on the gender of the recipient or the month of his / her birth. Roses remain an excellent choice for women, while for men, rather than roses, choose carnations and other flowers in bright colours.

There is no better way to congratulate new parents on the arrival of a newborn than with the gift of flowers. Choose bright colours such as red, white or yellow. Bright, cheerful flowers in red, white, pink and yellow (roses, daisies and tulips) send wishes of fast recoveries to your loved ones.


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