The perfect flower on Mother’s Day

There’s always a flower to put a smile on your mother’s face.

On the day when all mothers are celebrated, choose a flower as a sign of appreciation, respect and love. There’s much more to flowers than petals; for years they have been representing emotions and attributes. So follow these tips that we’ve put together for you and choose the right bouquet for them.

For beauty

Choose flowers that mirror exquisiteness: violets, magnolias, camellias, lilies, heathers and the queen of flowers, the orchid.

For tenderness

Beautify the day with catfishes, azaleas, poppies, yellow flowers and, for a little luck, bells of Ireland.

Strength and bravery

Proteas, bourgeois and daffodils, to which you can add laurel or oak leaves.

For wisdom

Honour her motherly care with honeysuckle, ferns, orange blossoms, fennel and pink carnations, as pink is the color of maternity and maternal love.

Joy and bliss

Show her love with calendula and sunflowers.

A flower for every attribute

Hyacinths (devotion), narcissus (respect), angelic (inspiration) and violet (modesty).

Add some plum and lemon blossoms, blue salvia and wildflowers to the composition, because the essential message that comes from your heart to your mother on this special day is “I love you” and “thank you”.

TBR’s suggestion:

Pastel colours on Mother’s day are the way to go.

Pale pink, Lilac, Pale yellow, White, Shades of green, Dusky pink

Which flowers?

Roses (all colours in pastel), Lilac flower, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Tuber rose, Lily of the valley

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