When the clock strikes midnight…

We know where we’ll be on December 31st.

The Silver Fleet is one of the best ways to take in the beauty of a firework display on NYE. And this venue, just like its guests, should be dressed to the nines for a special day like this. Which is why we picked the best “outfit” for this floating gem on the Thames and dressed it up just in time.

This year we opted for a more neon theme, using natural elements such as (faux) eucalyptus, ivy and pine.

The rest of the boat was dressed in bespoke handmade wreaths and garlands.

During dinner, guests we’ll enjoy a mouth-watering menu whilst taking in the beauty of an elegant setting. To create a more Christmassy atmosphere, we’ve added white shiny glass vases accompanied by a mixture of willow, eucalyptus and pine.

We finished the look by adding white coloured baubles.

Ambiance and elegance for a memorable New Year’s eve.

Where will you be when the clocks strikes midnight?


A delicious reason for a Ramsay-D’Acampo Christmas banquet.

At the mesmerising Merchant Taylor’s Hall, Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’ Acampo and Fred Sirieix are putting on a very entertaining show.

On one hand, we have Gordon Ramsay and his Michelin star quick wit versus Gino D’ Acampo’s proud Italian culinary excellence. All the while we have Fred attempting to run this show whilst keeping these two apart. But on the other hand, behind the razzmatazz, we have a delicious reason as to why this is occurring.

Gordon and Gino are giving us a fiery show, complete with delicious Christmas recipes, all to say thank you to the members of the public who almost lost their lives during the recent terror attacks as well as the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Our part? Well, as always, we had to make the setting beautiful.

This banquet style dinner consisted of a feasting table decorated in red and gold pines, cinnamon sticks, lights, roses and berries. To accentuate the image we added a few floating candles in clear vases.

We then dressed fourteen tables with round oasis displays. A mixture or amaryllis berries, cinnamon, roses and golden tealight adorned foliage surrounded the frosted white glass light spheres in the centre of the table.

Check the ITV website where you can see the entirety of the setting.

From Concept to Realisation: Ritorno Restaurant’s Special Christmas

This year Ritorno Restaurant in Chelsea is giving you a memorable Christmas (and we’re proud to be a part of it).

This elegant Milanese gem situated on King’s Road is the perfect place to enjoy a Christmas meal surrounded by ambiance and luxury.

With a setting like this, the mouth-watering menu is not the only thing that stands out.

We designed a simple and cosy cabin to complement the outdoor area, complete with blankets and cushions. The cabin added a very different vibe, bringing nature and luxury together.

The concept was to bring a Swiss, chalet-like environment to the premises, to create a unique, outdoorsy, dining experience, combining natural elements such as wood and pine, without losing the elegance of the place.


This bespoke installation includes a snug area that’s resting underneath five 15-foot glitter trees bent into an arch, with extra white glitter twigs and real pines.

Throughout the outdoor area, you can find white candle lanterns which add to the whole cosiness of the place.




It’s the most wonderful time of the year

And even more wonderful at One Great George Street.

When it comes to dressing a unique venue like One Great George Street, one must do justice to its prestigious architecture. To help us come up with the concept for the design, we took into consideration the palatial interior and its awe-inspiring atmosphere.

First impressions matter, therefore we’ve made sure the visitors’ experience is characterised by an atmospheric Christmas feeling, from the moment they set foot in the lobby.

The epicentre of the lobby is a 14ft glitter tree, bathed in green, gold and white colors.

Complementing the pillars surrounding the Christmas tree are four more white glitter painted birch trees.

The library and brasserie were dressed in red and gold colors, with a touch of green and rustic brown, to bring out the majestic ambiance of the rooms.

Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without an arch at the entrance, consisting of three types of brown willow, gold twisted willow and bespoke handmade lights.


Hold on to your sleighs… Here’s some of this year’s Christmas Installations

Tis the season again… and we’ve been busier than Santa’s elves (on a deadline).

Another amazing year full of creativity and inspiration. Another year where TBR Floral Design Studio has been given the chance to share its creativity.

A big thank you to everyone.

We have many things in store for you and lots of pictures to feast your eyes upon, so warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up with your tablet on the couch. These are some of the best installations of the year.

Armourer’s Hall

We had the chance to create a bespoke setting for Armourers & Brasiers’ company (a company older than Joan of Arc!) for a corporate meal.

We created two Christmas trees, delicately decorated in red and gold, to match the colours of its surrounding.

For the Livery Hall, where the meal was going to take place, we opted for a more traditional vibe, which we’ve done by adding oranges, cinnamon and fresh pine as well as handmade garlands. The table centres included oasis rings, cymbidium orchids and tea lights for that subtle warm Christmas glow.

In the drawing room, where the drinks reception was going to take place, we had the chance to decorate the two fireplaces in red and gold, also with oranges and cinnamon as well as cones.

Manicomio & Canto Restaurants

This successful installation at Manicomio was followed by a collaboration with their sister restaurant Canto Carvino.

White twigs with silver glitter to frame the entrance, as well as fresh pines were used to bring out the atmosphere of the place.

For Canto (Duke Street) we used 12 foot glitter trees with white twigs to create an arch, decorated with hundreds of warm glowing lights which could be seen upon entering the restaurants.


6 years working together, 6 different themes.

With the Fishmongers Company this year (as well as for most clients) the desired colors were red and gold.

This year, Fishmongers group opted for two trees in the lobby instead of the usual one. And nothing complements the gone-with-the-wind staircase more than two trees bathed in shimmering colors.

Gielly Green

Even one of London’s best hair salon needs a special treatment occasionally.

This year, we covered all of Gielly Green’s railings in pine and used warm glowing lights to accentuate the beautiful façade.  A pine garland was hung above the door.

We handmade 2 x 70 inch pine wreaths that were hung above the window; a mixture of copper, champagne gold, deep burgundy, chocolate brown accompanied by champagne glitter garlands and fresh magnolias.

 Lincoln’s Inn

When it comes to dressing Lincoln’s Inn, one must take into consideration the prestige that the interior holds.

This year, we opted for red and gold, and have decorated the old hall walls with 60 foot garlands with just lights. We decorated with real gold glitter fern and red and gold baubles with golden bows.

The Members common room’s (MCR) fireplace was decorated with faux garland, fresh pine and Christmas sticks as well as an 8 foot Christmas real tree draped in shimmering gold and red baubles.