Secret Garden Wedding Theme

The wedding season is now in full swing! This season, at TBR Floral, we are enchanted by Secret Garden inspired weddings. By making an amazing wild garden the focus of your wedding theme, you can really allow your floral displays to shine!

For weddings both inside and outside, the wild garden effect can be achieved using  generous greenery and wild woodland flowers, used in your table centres and decoration around your venue. You could even place flowers on old copies of the secret garden book!

Candles, fairy lights and other low lighting also accentuate the magical feel, so scatter these generously amongst flowers, outside and around your venue to give the evening of your reception a romanic atmosphere. 

You could even extend the theme to your wedding cake. We think that the cake below laden with gorgeous blooms and foliage placed on a log slice looks to die for! Cakes decorated with flowers (such as roses, or perhaps pansies) pinecones or berries would look completely at home in a Secret Garden themed wedding.

Favours complete any theme, so as a final touch you could give your guests a little something Secret Garden inspired to remember the day.  We love favours such as tiny pot plants, a single piece of lavender tied with lace, and tastefully packaged flower seeds.

TBR Floral Design is notorious for creating beautiful and bespoke solutions for weddings and parties to corporate events and weekly contracts. Toby B Roberts will personally design and suggest a variation of looks to suit every proposal and fit every budget requirement.  If you like the idea of a Secret Garden Wedding theme, or any other interesting or different theme idea, then give us a call on 07977 494 085 or email Toby at today and we can discuss your plans in further detail.

Thank you.

The TBR Floral Design team.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Now that summer is finally here, wedding season is well and truly underway! Obviously one of the main reasons people have weddings at this time of year is because of the improved weather (if we are lucky in the UK), and with that nice weather, comes the summer flowers. Below I have created a list of flowers that are great for summer weddings, and if you are having a summer wedding you should definitely consider implementing some of these in to your day for that extra burst of summer colour!







Sweet Peas







These are just some of my favourites, there may be some in the list that you may have thought of before, and some that you may never have thought of using as part of your wedding, but the good thing with flowers is there are no right or wrong choices, they all look beautiful, and you can be as adventurous as you like!

Have you decided on your summer wedding flowers? Are there any on this list that you hadn’t thought of but are now considering? Let us know below.

The TBR Floral design team.