Are your office flowers up to the job?

Keep staff uplifted and clients impressed with corporate flowers for your office

Flowers can liven up your office space or corporate building and make a huge difference to the atmosphere for staff and clients. Increasing staff morale and giving a good impression of your business to  clients and prospects

When looking to provide an office with flower displays, it can be hard for your staff to find the time to look after and maintain the display and make sure that the flowers are always fresh and beautiful – often the flowers can die after only 4 days which doesn’t send a good message to staff and clients and of course it costs you more that it should when you have to replace to flowers more often than you need to. Your flowers should last much longer than 4 days, and we can help.

Using TBR Floral Design eliminates this problem, ensuring your flower displays look beautiful for longer. Let’s look at some ways that TBR Floral Design can help you solve this problem.

Changing office flowers weekly

We can change the flowers changed weekly on a specific day allocated. This means that you are always provided with a display that is beautiful, bespoke and has the ability to have maximum impact on your office interior, staff and clients.

Using the highest quality flowers for your office

We only use flowers of the highest quality, which means that they are more likely to stay looking fresh and alive for longer. This reduces the amount of maintenance and need for change, which saves you money in the long term.

 Our Experience in corporate flowers

We have over 10 years experience. So we know which flowers will fair better in spaces that will have fluctuating room temperatures. These fluctuating temperatures may compromise quality, and life span. This knowledge allows TBR Floral Design to convert what may be a dull space with displays that look stunning and last as good as new for as long as possible.

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