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You’ve got the Event project. You’re planned it to perfection.
Crossed every t and dotted every i.

It’s going to look amazing and then you hear those three little words…

“Health and Safety”.

It can be a challenge for any event planner to negotiate client’s needs and expectations.

You have all these amazing ideas and have florist ready to really add an edge and top off the look with some stunning flowers…and then it hits you… the floor isn’t level, will the florist’s vases get smashed, what about the florist’s candles with real flames near the flowers in a marquee at a wedding?

Of course, health and safety has to be an important part of your job, as an event planner, you have a responsibility for the members of the public, your workers, and contractors working for you at the event.

We can relieve some of that pressure for you.

With TBR Floral Design health and safety is one less thing to worry about. We have years of experience working in venues where health and safety is paramount. We know what issues can arise, whether its vases falling over or marquee floors not being flat.  We visit the venue and work closely with you to discuss all available options so that everything runs smoothly and risk free. We really do give you one less thing to worry about.

Are you are an event planner? Do want to discover how TBR Floral Design can give you peace of mind at your events and provide flowers with the ‘WOW’ factor?

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