TBR weekly round up

As well as fulfilling our weekly contracts this week, we’ve been in military-style planning mode in preparation for SIX events we’ve got on next weekend. Not four weddings and a funeral, but a mix of weddings, corporate events and one fabulous 40th birthday party. The birthday girl has really gone to town and we’re really looking forward to dressing the marquees with different themes – we’ll post some pictures after the event.

As you can imagine, this number of events is a huge undertaking in terms of organisation, man-power and space. We bring in extra resource to support the TBR team, make sure we’ve got enough of each style of vase or candelabra and then allocate one area in the studio per event to make sure we don’t get our vessels and trimmings mixed up. It’s a bit like how we imagine Santa’s workshop with his little elves making, sorting and dispatching presents!

We’ll be creating 1,980 vases for that weekend, using something in the region of 20,000 stems. That’s a LOT of flowers. Come on Team TBR!

TBR loves… Peonies

The sun is making a welcome appearance and mid-way through May we are definitely in transition from spring and summer.

One of our favourite flowers in this late Spring / Summer period is the Peony, which we love for it’s beautiful , blowsily romantic blooms in whites, reds and pinks and for it’s heavenly scent. We use them to create very feminine designs, often mixing them with other soft blooms like green Hydrangea or sweet peas.

Very popular for weddings, peonies symbolise good fortune and a long and happy marriage. Whilst in Greek mythology,  it takes its name from a Greek myth in which Paeon, physician to the gods,  angered his teacher Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. When Asclepius  threatened to kill Paeon out of jealousy, Zeus saved him by changing him into  the lovely flower we know today as the peony.

Originating in China, the peonies features heavily in Asian art and literature, whilst in the West, the sensual 19th Century painter Auguste Renoir depicted peonies in a number of works.

Really easy suggestion for displaying peonies at home: trim the stems very close to the blooms and simply float in your favourite bowl – it’ll look like a gorgeously ripe bowl of fruit.

And we’re not the only ones in thrall to these beauties; there’s a whole society dedicated the Peonies – The Peony Society – where you can find out all sort of amazing facts out the flowers. Check out www.peonysoc.com


TBR weekly round up

It’s been a busy week for us as usual. A new focus to get right back on the case with our blogs to keep you updated not just with things that we’ve been up to/have in the pipe-line, but also with anything that is current or seasonally relevant.

We’ve recently won the exclusive contract to provide flowers to both of the Taj hotels in London. Our arrangements will be appearing in the lobbies and suites every week and of course for any weddings or corporate events held in their function rooms. It’s great to work with a venue on a regular basis as you are familiar with the rooms, so can design a theme that fits well with the venue. Check out the Taj venues:



Presenting a different challenge, we’ve been talking to Nobu this week about supporting their outside catering function for dry-hire venues. We always try to site visit before dressing a venue but sometimes if we can’t get in beforehand, it involves a bit more ‘ad-libbing’!

We also working on a website update, but we’ve got so many photos we want to include, we’re having to do a massive edit. It’s really hard!

Anyhow, have a great Bank Holiday x





Chelsea Flower Show – a return to naturalised planting

Chelsea Flower Show kicked off yesterday from 19th – 23rd May. I’ll be one of the 160k people visiting  at some point this crazy week, but until I manage to squeeze it in I’ve been getting my flower fix from the BBC coverage when I get home from work.

Yesterday was medals day. Every year I’m blown away by how beautiful the gardens and am inspired to make changes at home. But of course there’s a big difference in a show garden which is created specifically for the show and ‘real’ garden that you live with at home.

That’s why I loved the idea behind the Gold Medal winning Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden. Designed by the rather dreamy Dan Pearson, this garden was commissioned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire to represent a piece of their beautiful Chatworth Estate in the Peak District. So rather than the overly formal or modern gardens – which are gorgeous – that are often displayed at Chelsea (perhaps because they work really well in a tiny space?), this one shows a very real, wild and rambling taster of Derbyshire.

Inspired by elements with the real Chatsworth gardens, Pearson used 300 ton of rock from the estate to create the show garden. The plants and rocks will return to the Chatsworth Estate to be incorporated in the grounds. He said that there is a shift back to more naturalised planting and he hoped this garden would inspire real people to create something beautiful in their real garden.

Watch out Farringford!