TBR loves Spring brights!

Its been a couple of weeks now since we started to emerge from that long, wet Winter into the throes of Spring. We’ve seen snowdrops and daffodils, tulips and now the most amazing blankets of bluebells. It’s just great to see a bit of colour.

This has translated into some of the projects we’ve done recently, where we’ve really embraced Spring and colour – lots of it – in a big way. Starting at my Dad’s birthday party at our favourite haunt, Primadonna’s, we used a gorgeous array of oranges, purples and reds to decorate the room. Followed by a wedding at Lincoln’s Inn, where we used multi-coloured tulips to create a a really uplifting display in contrast the the beautiful dark panelling in the room.

You can do this really easily at home and tulips will last up to 10 days as long as you buy them young, make sure at least half the stem is in water and preferably use a tall case so that the stems are supported.