TBR dazzles for H&M global Xmas ad campaign

So we’ve had to keep stchum about this until now, but we’re delighted to reveal that TBR designed and provided all the floral decorations in the H&M Christmas 2013 ad campaign.

Filmed and shot in a fabulous mansion in Hertfordshire, the H&M Christmas commercial features none other than the beautiful Christy Turlington who arrives at the Christmas celebration to join the stylishly attired guests bearing lots of gifts. Copy & paste this link into your browser to see it in all it’s glory: http://www.b-reel.com/projects/commercials/director/johan-perjus/case/485/hm

We worked with stylist Jacki Castelli, dressing the venue with the essence of a traditional Christmas. We had a natural and organic theme using lots of pine cones, artichokes and berries for a rich and earthy effect. We handmade all the wreaths and garlands and used blooms like hydrangeas, roses and proteas, which are the national flower of South Africa. It was quite a traditional look which when combined with festive lighting appeared very opulant.

This project with H&M will give us amazing international exposure – our work will be seen on screen and in print globally across every country where H&M operates. For inspiration on party looks this Christmas, check out H&M Holiday on facebook 111.facebook.com/hm on Twitter #HMHoliday or online www.hm.com/gb

The commercial was directed by Johan Perjus from Sweden, who has also worked on projects with H&M. See http://www.b-reel.com/projects/commercials/director/johan-perjus/bio/

Styled by Jacki Castelli of Jacki Castelli Designs Ltd: Tel. +44(0) 7879842 229             Email. jackicastelli@mac.com Web. www.jackicastelli.com


Spray painting flowers successfully

I remember there used to be an advert on TV for a skincare brand (can’t remember which brand – so much for the power of advertising!). The visual was of a cala lily being sprayed an unnatural colour and the strapline was ‘not perfumed, not coloured, just kind’. Well just a science can overtake nature in terms of performance in skincare, as far as florists are concerned fake can be FAB!

We’ve been playing with spray painting flowers for a while now because sometimes it’s nature just can’t deliver on a specific brief for metallics, blacks or navy blues for example. You can buy special flower paint from specialist outlets and online and you can have fun with it when putting together your Christmas arrangements or table centre-pieces.

The gallery above show a selection of examples of work we’ve done with unusual colour themes: black and blue, black and white and finally silver and green.

Follow these TBR top tips for getting a good result:

1. Choose the right type of flowers. You need something a bit hardy in order to withstand the paint. We’ve had great success with Anthyriums, Hydrangeas and tropical flowers like Birds of Paradise.

2. Darker colours or metallics work best. Try spraying Holly or Silver Birch.

3. For best results, spray the day before use so that the flowers or foliage has time to dry before you put the piece together – you don’t want the paint coming off on your hands.

4. Recut the stems on the day of use before putting them into water or oasis.

5. Use a mix of natural and sprayed flower to keep it from looking totally unrealistic – unless that’s the look you’re aiming for!