In an Autumnal mood…

Can you believe how cold and wintry it’s got? We’ve even had the fire on at the weekend and cosied in watching DVDs and eating cake!

It’s completely got us in the Autumnal mood though. The leaves have turned and started falling, which inspired a design we did for a private client this week.

We used burnt red Winter hydrangeas and orange roses in combination with exotic orange and green cymbidium orchids. The cymbidium is a very old species of orchid native to tropical and sub-tropical Asia which thrives at high altitude. We love them: each stem has about 10 or 15 flowers, which are quite waxy and last really well. Dark red oak leaves provide an effective frame for the rest of the arrangement.

A nice way to ramp up the Autumnal feel with a design of this type would be to play around with the base. One of our Facebook tips this week was to use leaves inside a glass vase, which is a simple way to build a design from the bottom up.

You could also introduce mini tea lights in complimentary coloured glass bulbs to add an additional effect.

A traditional trend with a twist from TBR

Always ahead of the game, we at TBR think that there is an emerging trend in floral design.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been using very traditional English flowers, the sort you might find in a Cottage Garden. These include varieties like roses, peonies, daisies and violets and combining these with native herbs like lavender and rosemary to create a multi-sensory experience.

What set this apart from what might otherwise be a pretty,  but possible a bit twee, arrangement is how we display them. We’ve been juxtaposing these traditional varieties with very contemporary displays to keep it modern and fresh. For example, using moss for the base as per the image shown.

A simple way to try this technique at home is to use just one type of flower, in one colour way and have all the blooms in a very uniform and precise placement.

The great thing about using very traditional English flowers is that you’ll always have to use what is in season and it’s good to be able to support British suppliers.

TBR provides flowers for Made in Chelsea filming

After spending a couple of weeks in agonizing silence, we’ve finally been allowed to reveal that last Saturday we provided the flowers for E4 program Made in Chelsea.

The Made in Chelsea gang were filming scenes for a forthcoming episode of the show on the Silver Sturgeon Boat. Sipping champagne and enjoying food courtesy of Jamie Oliver Fabulous Feasts, the cast got set to work on their own rich-kid brand of compulsively watchable gossip and back-stabbing.

We dressed the boat using a variety of English and exotic blooms: red and white roses, spiky red gingers and green and white hydrangeas, using palm leaves to create the look.

Will keep you posted with the date the program will be on air.


Jamie Oliver’s Autumn Festival Feast

As we move from late summer into Autumn our designs are taking on the more Autumnal hues of aubergine. burnt reds and claret.

Darker colours don’t have to be intimidating or depressing. We’re taking inspiration from the many fabulous interiors we’ve been lucky enough to work in and playing with soft lighting to keep the feeling of our designs warm and intimate.

The work we did this week for the photo shoot for Jamie Oliver’s Autumn menu launch on the Silver Sturgeon is a good example of this. We mixed off-pinks, lilacs, purples, greens and whites for a stylish but subdued look to welcome in the new season.  We used different textures to create contrast and interest: soft petals, berries, leaves and sprays and soft candlelight added an almost antique effect.

We are continuing to source seasonal flowers of English provenance and it’s a great pleasure to be able to support British suppliers rather than shipping everything in from abroad.