Making a meal of it!

We’ve been eating some amazing meals here in Spain, very simple and rustic but so, so tasty. It’s incredible how much more flavour Spanish tomatoes and onions have in comparison to their British cousins.

As a holiday from flower arranging, we’ve been eating them! As well as addinginteresting textures and flavours, they look so pretty tumbled into a salad or on a dessert plate.

Of course people have been cooking with flowers eg. Orange Blossom, Dandelion, Rose Water and Lavender for years, but It’s surprising how many common flowers are edible:

Nasturtium – one of the most popular edible flowers, leaves and petals have a distinct peppery taste and are a great asset to any salad. Leaves are best picked and eaten when small and young.

Daisies – the petals are edible and look lovely scattered over a salad. Perfect for a wonderful flower soup.

Pot marigolds – these beautiful bright orange flowers have been used for centuries to colour soups and broths. Use the petals to add to soups and stews or even to rice for a lovely subtle flavour and a delightful colour. Make sure you only use pot marigolds as the French marigolds are not edible.

Dandelion – this so called weed is actually a very nutritious and highly useful plant, as the leaves, roots, flowers and buds are all edible. The leaves can be used in salads or brewed into a tea, the flowers and petals used for garnish and in salads. Pick as fresh and young as possible, as they taste bitter with age.

Violas and pansies – the flowers and petals are stunning when sprinkled on top of salads, or even as decoration on top of cup cakes.

Roses – the petals are edible, although the white base of the petal tends to be bitter so are best removed. Rose petals are really lovely when iced as decoration on top of birthday cakes. The more aromatic red roses are also the tastier ones to savour.

Busy Lizzies – these flowers come in many colours and look attractive used as a garnish in salads or floated in cold drinks.

Time for Tea with TBR

So, post-Olympics madness we’re taking short break to put up our feet up. We’re in Spain drinking Sangria, but if we were still in the UK no doubt it would be a nice cup of tea.

Talking of tea, we recently did a fabulous event with the UK Tea Council to promote it’s ‘Just My Cup of Tea’ Facebook page .

Hosting a Great British Tea Party event with a twist, the UK Tea Council brought together tea and vintage fashion. A group of the capital’s fashionistas gathered at the Brickhouse in London’s East End to drink tea (laced with rum!), swap clothes in a ‘swish’ and mingle with vintage queen VV Brown

TBR created a quintessentially English Country Garden theme for the event. Using traditional English flowers: pink hydrangeas, purple aliums and white stocks we created contrast by arranging them into contemporary pieces.

Targteing 25 – 35yr old women, ‘Just My Cup of Tea’ is a definitive guide to all things tea and fashion. It’s stylish, gossipy and girly. Whilst everyone appreciates a good mug of Builder’s, tea has become super-hot right now and stylish girls are enjoying exotic teas in vintage china and tea inspired cocktails that pack a real punch.


So last week was manic with the second week of events for Olympic sponsors. One of our highlights was creating a 1970’s chic event for BP on the Silver Sturgeon on the Thames.

We took our inspiration from the crazy clashing colours and combinations worn by that era’s pop stars – David Bowie, Marc Bolan the Rolling Stones.  From that starting point, we created a fun and vibrant design using simple gerberas in a variety of bright colours.

You can create something similar using a piece of oasis shaped into a ball. the fun hanging flowers are strung together  using clear fishwire. Have a go!


London 2012: week 1

So our first week of Olympic sponsor events went without a hitch! The sun was shining and  so were our Olympic sponsor clients BP and Cadbury.

The BP Welcome Party on the Silver Sturgeon on the Thames kicked off the week’s festivities with Jamie’s Oliver’s Fabulous Feast. Like Danny Boyle, we drew our inspiration for the design of BP’s event from England’s green and pleasant land. The back part of the boat was dressed as a perfect English country garden: to get the look we covered and hand wired all the vases with green carpet moss, creating something similar to the representation of Glastonbury Tor in the Opening Ceremony.

In contrast, the front of the boat was kept very clean and modern. We used over 1,000 white roses to create a dramatic impact. All the flowers were sourced from British suppliers.

We’re now half way through week two. Someone get me an expresso!