Create Your Own English Country Garden Floral Displays for the Diamond Jubilee!


A subtle way of showcasing wonderful floral designs that you can create at home to display and enjoy for the Jubilee celebrations……


Using English grown, soft coloured flowers in elegant pinks, whites, lilacs, pale yellows and peaches can create a real English Country Garden look, this may be the perfect accompaniment to your Diamond Jubilee tea party or gathering with friends and family.

Flowers can be cut from your garden if you happen to grow your own, or alternatively be sourced from your local flower market or supermarket, who often have a great selection of English Grown varieties to choose from. Roses, delphiniums, Pyrenees, hydrangeas and sweet peas are good choices for an imperial theme, however you can of course feature any type that you like or have available.

We suggest using traditional style vases that can easily be found at home or in a local supermarket, or alternatively using household items such as teapots, sugar bowls and milk jugs to serve up a floral display encompassing a contemporary English Tea Party!


Landscape Floral Display… Natures Finest!

TBR Floral Design yesterday created a landscape floral work of art that was organic and unique! The centre piece was displayed in the Regency Room at London’s Connaught Hotel for a special dining event due to the Chelsea Flower Show.

An assortment of al fresco pieces were used to signify some of nature’s finest elements bringing the outdoor environment indoors. The landscape flower display encompassed a tree trunk; with lily of the valley, peony, hydrangea, bonsai trees, rocks, pebbles and moss!


Cherry Blossom….Springtime Elegance!

Cherry Blossom trees are extremely popular landscape trees because of their beautiful flowers, and subtle variations in delicate colours. The blossom is currently in full bloom gracing our gardens and streets during their short yet brilliant blooming season which ends with an inevitable fall to the ground, leaving a picturesque sprinkling of petals!

One of our favourite seasonal flowers to create an uplifting display indoors the Cherry Blossom can brighten up any room in the home. Simply cut a few branches and arrange in a large vase or jug with a little water for a stunning display!




Utilising Floral Colours to Portray a Companies Identity

TBR Floral Design’s creative team frequently supply floral displays and design bespoke events for top corporations worldwide. From well known brands to leading corporations whatever the event we create bespoke and innovative designs to reflect the occasion.

Often using specifically sourced floral colours we can portray a particular brand identity or culture. By making a statement with flowers, we can take any idea and incorporate it in a metaphorical way. Flowers can symbolize the brand identity and become a direct representation of a particular brand using different colours, shapes and textures. Some of the companies TBR Floral Design have worked with before to create corporate colour branding are Bombay Sapphire, Audi and Beefeater Gin.

Check out some of our corporate work in our galleries here:

The Calla Lilly….

One of our favourite seasonal flowers for the month of May which is currently in full bloom is the elegant Calla Lilly. This beautiful flower comes in an assortment of colours and has a unique flower shape, rather unlike any other flower.  Signifying magnificence and beauty these flowers are one of nature’s modern works of art!

The Calla Lilly is an extremely popular wedding flower particularly for their regal looks and elegantly sculpted shape. Take a look at our Wedding Gallery images to get some inspiration and vision especially if you are currently planning your special day!